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Nikitta Dede Adjirakor

Producer, Script Writer, Creative Contributor - Poetry


Nikitta who is Ghanaian by birth is currently a PhD candidate in Literatures in African Languages at the University of Bayreuth, Germany.  A writer herself, her interests and background lay in words manifested through different mediums such as music, poetry, novels and film. The concept of the film was built from one of her poems which shares the same title as the film. Having lived with varying sexual and reproductive health issues since she was 13, this film serves a platform for her to reveal the often times, invisible realities of sexual and reproductive health issues. The film forms part of an eponymous concept project she is working on which merges different creative art forms in creating awareness about women's health. 

Poems within the film

- A Thousand Needles

- Dear God

Gwamaka Mwabuka


Gwamaka is from Tanzania. Since college, he has been working in different social projects related to community development. His passion for film making has seen him create short films and documentaries for NGO's particularly centred on female empowerment. One of Gwamaka's recent projects is with TAI Tanzania under which the JALI project is held, which focuses on educating students on reproductive health in Tanzania.  His productions include the short film Bring the Light (2016) and the documentary Road to Nairobi (2016).  

Kelsi Brooks


Kelsi is an African-American born in New Orleans, Louisiana (United States). She acquired a degree in Film and Video from Columbia College of Chicago and a Masters in Education from Xavier University. She has spent the last ten years as an educator where she regularly teams up with visual artists to incorporate art into math and other subjects. 

Kelsi moved to Tanzania in 2015.  A year later, she co-founded an organization called Heights, a collective of creatives who come together to do community service projects across East Africa.   She is a producer, writer and actor for the upcoming Clouds TV series “Hotseat”.  

Kelsi is also a plus-sized fashion designer and stylist.  Her latest initiative includes joining with other artists in Tanzania to strengthen the creative scene in Dar es Salaam and other parts of the country.

Sabrina Najib Zahor

Creative Contributor- Poetry , Art Visuals

Although Sabrina's background is in Business and Management, her passion for creativity has been showcased in her poetry and creative projects which she has participated in throughout the years. A writer, poet and painter, Sabrina believes in art as a way to push boundaries, learn and explore passion. For this film, Sabrina was interested in using art as an medium to create awareness about women's health in general.

Poems within the film 

- X

- Red

Violet Bijura

Creative Contributor -  Poet

Violet is an impassioned feminist and pro-black aspiring writer/poet. She has been writing since she was 11 years old and has had various poems published and performed in both the United Kingdom and Tanzania. She was deeply inspired by the movement being made to raise awareness on women's reproductive health, and was humbled to be able to contribute with her poetry.

Poems within the film 

- Reclaiming Paradise I & II

The Team

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